About us

Welcome to Petite Muslima, where our passion for unique Islamic products comes to life. In 2017, our journey began with a vision to introduce beautiful and intriguing Islamic creations to the market.

At the inception of this vision, my financial resources were limited. I was living on a minimum wage, and my initial investment was a modest sum of €50,-, a gift from my husband, just a year after our marriage. Every hard-earned euro was lovingly reinvested in this entrepreneurial adventure.

Years have flown by, and Petite Muslima has transformed into a company with a diverse range of over 100 unique items. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to develop dozens of products. Alhamdullilah!

At Petite Muslima, we are constantly on the lookout for products that are not yet available in Europe. The majority of our collection comprises exclusive items that were previously unavailable in Europe, thanks to our in-house product development.

With an expanding international customer base, we have transformed our Dutch-language website into a global experience at petitemuslima.com. Our website is now fully in English to better serve our international customers. For our French, German, and Dutch-speaking customers, we’ve established separate webshops, allowing everyone to explore our range in their preferred language and discover products tailored to their preferences.

Explore our diverse webshops and browse our collection in the language of your choice. Welcome to Petite Muslima, where unique discoveries come together to enrich your story.