Shahada Stars Quran Mobile


Discover our beautiful Quran Baby Mobile – a unique crib accessory that plays the entire Quran, enveloping the little ones in a serene atmosphere!

Make your baby’s bedtime extra special with this Shahada Stars Quran Mobile. Choose from a selection of 14 different Quran reciters, who will recite all 114 suwar with love and care, turning your little one’s bedtime ritual into a true source of tranquility and comfort.

Personalize the Quran Box Mobile with your baby’s name, and select the favorite color and font to make it completely tailored. This not only makes it a wonderful sleep ritual for your baby but also a beautiful personal keepsake for the future.

And there’s more! The Shahada Stars Quran Mobile comes with a lovingly designed Shahada Stars hanger, a decorative addition to the mobile. This hanger is exclusively designed for our mobile and adds a touch of beauty to the baby’s room. It gives the mobile a unique appearance and adds a personal touch to the nursery.

With the convenient hanging system, you can easily adjust the mobile to the ideal height for your little one.

Quran Baby Mobile – Features:

  • Quran box, optionally with a name
  • Choose from 14 different Quran reciters for a personalized experience
  • 2GB memory with the complete Quran (all 114 suwar) to listen to
  • Plastic remote control for parents, allowing you to adjust the volume remotely, skip suwar, or go back to a previous surah
  • Convenient standby function, controllable via the remote control, to easily turn off the mobile when needed
  • Easy adjustable hanging system for the perfect view from the crib

Let your baby enjoy the soothing sounds of the Quran while peacefully falling asleep. The Shahada Stars Quran Mobile creates a serene atmosphere, making the bedtime ritual a special and beloved moment for the whole family.

Make bedtime a wonderful experience for your baby with our Quran Baby Mobile – a valuable gift that brings love, spiritual connection, and tranquility to the little ones.

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Shahada Stars Quran Mobile
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