My Masjid Playhouse


“A playhouse that makes for one of the most beautiful memories of childhood.”

My Masjid is designed as a playhouse that every Muslim child dreams of and in which they can (together) play games and (learn to) pray.

Instructive Let your child learn in a playful way about prayer, the mosque and all aspects around it. Children will have a lot of fun at their own small mosque.

“Let prayer automatically become the door to happiness to their happiness.”

We (parents) used to play the best games of our childhood in our (homemade) playhouses and tents. Although the trends for children are constantly changing per generation, this excitement for children has always remained the same.

We want our children to learn to pray just like we do and experience the peace and blessings of prayer. And to be able to make one of the most beautiful memories with their own mosque that they will surely cherish. Let prayer be the refuge of happiness for our children.

It has been scientifically proven that children learn the most by teaching them something in a playful and practical way! You can make your children love prayer and hold a special place in their hearts without teaching them endlessly through theoretical and boring ways. Stimulate children’s curiosity through this mosque playhouse. Children will automatically ask questions and be encouraged to learn more about their religion. As they play, new things about their faith will be discovered that they will remember better. More successes will be achieved than can be achieved through the theoretical means.

In addition, we as parents can also refresh our knowledge and learn new things because our children will probably ask us questions that we do not have the knowledge about ourselves.

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