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Discover the captivating world of imaginative play with our Masjid Playhouse, crafted from organic cardboard in Turkey. This unique playhouse serves not only as a delightful toy but also as a islamic centerpiece, bringing the elegance of a mosque into your child’s imaginative realm.

Carefully designed, this playhouse includes an assortment of accessories and a user-friendly assembly guide for effortless setup. While suitable for all ages, we recommend supervised play for children under 3 due to the delicate material and potential choking hazards.

Uncover the charm of our best-selling playhouse, particularly cherished during the Ramadan and Eid seasons. It serves as an ideal Eid gift and transforms into a amazing Ramadan decoration, infusing a sense of spirituality into the month of Ramadan.

Pair this Masjid playhouse with our exclusive designer children’s prayer rugs and other Ramadan decorations.

Immerse your little ones in the joy of imaginative play and islamic celebration with our Masjid Playhouse – a truly unique addition to our collection designed to foster creativity, learning, and a sense of Isamic pride.


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As parents, we recall the joyous games of our own childhood spent in makeshift playhouses and tents. While childhood trends evolve with each generation, the essence of excitement remains constant. We aspire to pass on the tradition of learning to pray, experiencing the serenity of prayer, and creating beautiful memories with their very own mosque. May prayer be the sanctuary of happiness for our children.

Play is a powerful tool for children’s learning. Scientifically proven, children grasp concepts best when taught in a playful and practical manner. My Masjid aims to instill love for prayer in your children’s hearts without resorting to tedious theoretical methods. This mosque playhouse stimulates curiosity, encouraging questions and promoting a deeper understanding of their faith. Through play, they effortlessly absorb valuable lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Moreover, as parents, we can enhance our own knowledge by answering the curious questions our children may pose. Choose a special corner in your home to assemble My Masjid with your children. Spend quality time playing, let your children take on the role of an imam, and create beautiful memories together.

My Masjid is crafted from organic and safe laminated cardboard, ensuring no safety risks for you or your children. Easy to install, lightweight, and portable, it can be moved to any corner of your home, providing a safe and beautiful space for your children.

Encourage them to pray alone or join in. The best education is one that is shared with passion and togetherness.

Be your children’s first and best teacher! My Masjid is not just a playhouse; it’s a gateway to a lifetime of joyful learning and precious moments.


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